A good foundation of healthy bone is essential for long term implant success. Many times, implant sites are in need of augmentation procedures. Whether it is a deficient ridge in need of grafting, a pneumatized maxillary sinus or a dehiscence requiring management at the time of implant placement, OsseoLink Allografts offer a versatile grafting solution.Allografts


A combination of mineralized cortical & cancellous bone chips of various dimensions that provide an osteoconductive scaffold for bone regeneration. The slow resorbing cortical particles are ideal for maintaining graft space and volume. The readily resorbed cancellous particles provide a favorable architecture for new bone formation by osteogenic progenitor cell. The mixture is available in a range of sizes for multiple regenerative solutions.


Clinical Applications


  • Ridge augmentation procedures
  • Sinus augmentation
  • Socket preservation,and grafting
  • Periodontal defects


Particle Sizes


0.5–1.0 mm

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