Angled Ti- Abutments

Angled Ti- Abutments

Angled Ti- Abutments are prefabricated Titanium abutments with a 15° angulation to the long axis of the implant.

They come provided with an anatomical finish line and can be customized through preparation to meet various prosthetic needs.

Two transgingival contours are offered for increased prosthetic flexibility for most regions in the mouth.

Angled Ti- abutments are compatible with all three implant diameters of the OsseoLink system and are provided and used with the Universal Prosthetic Screw 
(REF No. UNIPS).  For added restorative versatility, the angled abutments can be oriented in 8 different positions thus to allow the maximum angle correction when needed.

It is recommended that the prosthetic screws be torqued to 30 Ncm with the 0.05" (1.25 mm) hex driver insert 
(REF No. HD050) using OsseoLink Torque Wrench (REF No. ITWISO).


  • Cement retained single crown restoration where angle correction is needed.
  • Cement retained bridgework where angle correction is needed.

Angled Abutments

Angled Ti- Abutments cosmetic dental implant

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Ø 4.5 mm Angled Abutment
REF: ATI40 Finish Line: Scalloped-anatomic Diameter:  4.5 mm, 15° angle Material..
Ø 5.5 mm Angled Abutments
REF: ATI50 Finish Line: Scalloed-anatomic Diameter:  5.5 mm, 15° angle Mate..