The LOCATOR Male Processing Package will provide you with a choice of retention. The LOCATOR Replacement Males (clear, pink, blue) can be used to restore an implant with up to 10 degrees of divergence (20 degrees between implants).

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The Extended Range LOCATOR Replacement Males (green, orange or red) are ordered separately or in a NEW package assembly (8540-2, 8540-10) and will accommodate a divergent implant between 10 and 20 degrees (40 degrees between implants).

Extended Range LOCATOR Replacement Males



Retention strengths - LOCATOR Nylon Replacement Males:


(8524) Clear: 5lbs / 2268 grams
(8527) Pink: 3lbs / 1361 grams
(8529) Blue: 1.5lbs / 680 grams
(8547) Green: 3-4lbs / 1361-1814 grams
(8915) Orange: 2 lbs / 907 grams
(8548) Red: 0.5-1.5lbs / 226-680 grams

LOCATOR® is a registered trademark of Zest Anchors.

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Extended Range LOCATOR® Male Processing Package
REF: 8540-2 (2 PAK) Packaged:  2-Pak, each of which incldue the following: ..