Osseolink Engage

In order to maintain the universal nature of our products, the sterility, shelf life, material, healing phases and surgical site, preparation is the same in our new line of implants as our legacy line.
With the more aggressive thread provided in Osseolink Engage Implants, our clients can confidently take on dense bone, immediate implant placement surgeries, and other advanced procedures.These generous threads offer superior primary stability, faster insertion and increased bone to implant contact for an overall better result.

We are currently in the testing phases with Osseolink Engage Implants and are submitting our 510K approval to the FDA. We are scheduled to launch Osseolink Engage by the end of 2017 and look forward to seeing our clients interact and restore smiles with Osseolink Engage Implants

As always, excellence, simplicity and versatility is our motto and the cutting-edge features of Osseolink Engage Implants truly embody these three pillars of our company.

The platform is essentially the same innovative Octacone connection as seen in our legacy line: Osseolink Secure. However, this Octacone quad connection has been slightly enhanced to provide additional stability and a superior fit with restorations and prosthetics.
We are happy to introduce our newest Implant Line: Osseolink Engage. Our Osseolink Engage Implants feature a more tapered apical end, which allows self-tapping precision along with reduced numbers of drills and steps needed during surgical placement.
Osseolink Engage Implants are available in a broader spectrum of sizes as seen below: