OctaCone Quad Connection

As the single prosthetic platform, the OctaCone Quad connection greatly simplifies implant surgical and restorative procedures. Moreover, having a stable implant - abutment connection minimizes micromovement and microleakage which results in optimal peri-implant tissue health. One implant driver (REF UID) is needed to install the implant into the prepared osteotomy. A single prosthetic screw (REF UNIPS) is used throughout the implant system regardless of implant diameter. One impression coping can be used with all implants in this system regardless of implant diameter. A single laboratory analog (REF UNILA) is used by the laboratory technicians regardless of implant diameter.

As the name implies, this connection features the following:

  • Internal conical recess that is 13° in taper. The conical recess provides excellent sealing at the implant abutment interface. The conical recess provides a “self guiding” feature for easy installation of prosthetic components resulting in simplified clinical procedures. Additionally, the 13° taper allows the fabrication of splinted screw retained restorations on implants with divergence up to 26 degrees.
  • A modified octagonal internal indexing feature that provides four distinct indexing positions. The combination of the conical recess and the modified octagonal feature provide a very stable connection that minimizes the stresses to the prosthetic screw.